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Rock Boshers DX: Directors Cut Review


From the moment the game starts to  load, Rock Boshers DX: Directors Cut will make the old gamers will fondly remember the ZX Spectrum smile from ear to ear. With a loading screen directly lifted from what must be the only computer that also doubled as a competent door stop, the memories will soon come flooding back and a warm glow ... Read More »

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Review


Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris may sound like the latest in a set of fan fiction books for the latest teen fad, but it is if anything the better of the Tomb Raider games in the last few years. Tomb Raider was an excellent reboot of the mainline Lara games, but there are a few fans of the ... Read More »

Tengami Review


Tengami caught our eye well over a year ago at the Eurogamer Expo back in 2013. Amidst the throng of noise and colour around the Nintendo stand was an unassuming screen displaying a delicate looking game.  A very apt first impression, this is a very calm and thoughtful game that is much more about contemplation and the journey than it ... Read More »

Tales From The Borderlands: Episode One – Zer0 Sum


Few companies have grown in size quite like Telltale Games. Since The Walking Dead exploded they seem to be taking on projects at an astounding rate, some would say they’re taking on too many. After all, how can they keep up the quality when they’re churning out game after game? Just this past month both Tales from the Borderlands and ... Read More »

The Crew Review


An open world, myriad distractions, a main storyline that is entirely forgettable and secondary to the world created around it. This all sounds awfully familiar… The Crew is dull, frustrating and not worth your time or money. That’s it. Wait for the £20 price drop if you’re jonesing for a next-gen racer. 5/10. Are you still here? God almighty. Look, ... Read More »

WWE 2K15 Review


Wrestling, it is a pantomime, a wonderfully over the top opera. As much as you can claim to be too old for it, you cannot help but become engrossed when it is on. The Attitude Era in particular was just amazing and the games that supported it were the best quality also. Since then, not so much. However WWE 2K15 ... Read More »

Shovel Knight Review


Shovel Knight has been looking like a good game for a very long time and we loved it when we tried the PC version out. Another in the long line of retro styled platformers, it has always had something a little bit special about it. It’s taken a while to get here from the PC and we are delighted to ... Read More »

Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender Review


The are at times games that are difficult to review. This can be because the content is controversial and requires some considered thought, other times you may want to avoid any spoilers, or game is bad, so you need to be careful with how you critique said game. None of those are the case for Aqua Kitty though, the issue ... Read More »

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix Review


We have to admit that we are huge fans of Kingdom Hearts at Gamestyle. The original release on the PS2 was something of a wonder. In the days before we were living on internet forums, the source for information came from magazines and it was very rare you knew everything about a game ahead of release. So Kingdom Hearts was ... Read More »

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