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UPDATE #2 – Sony leave Pockets Out of Pocket!


It recently came to Gamestyle’s attention that once again a PSN user has been hacked and had stuff purchased against their account.  UPDATE #2 Pockets has had some further correspondense from Sony about his issue…We’ll just let this email speak for itself. UPDATE #1 Pockets had a phone conversation with Sony’s Customer Service. Just listen to it: We reached out ... Read More »

Street Fighter V – Exclusive to PS4 and PC


Well, this is a pleasant surprise! The first trailer for Street Fighter V has been leaked and it’s a PS4 and PC exclusive. There’s no word on whether this is a “proper” exclusive, or just timed. More details will hopefully emerge after it makes its actual debut, which maybe tonight at The Game Awards or tomorrow at The Playstation Experience. The ... Read More »

Persona Q – A Gamestyle Giveaway!


Never mind Black Friday, the 28th of November 2014 was excellent for one reason: The European release of Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. This latest adventure is the first entry in the Persona series on the 3DS, and sees the cast of both Persona 3 and Persona 4 join forces against a mystery antagonist. Unexpected events lead both teams ... Read More »

How to create your own world ready for Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age The Keep

Unfortunately players are unable to bring across saves from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II into Inquisition. But Bioware have created another way, it’s called The Keep. It’s in open beta and can be reached by clicking HERE. (Though at the time of writing it’s currently undergoing maintenance. Doh!) By logging into your Origin account it’s able to access your characters, and ... Read More »

More Sega 3DS remasters are coming

After Burner 2

Sega have today announced their latest set of 3D remasters coming to the 3DS. After Burner 2, Fantasy Zone, Outrun, Fantasy Zone 2 and Thunder Blade are the games with After Burner 2 being the first, releasing “Early 2015″. The rest will follow monthly, each priced at £4,49. Not just adding 3D, these games will also come with new modes, ... Read More »

Phoenix Wright Trilogy gets a European release date

Phoenix Wright trilogy

The Phoenix Wright Trilogy has now been given a release date for Europe. Consisting of the first three games in the series, the Trilogy is set to arrive on the 3DS on 9th December. Only available on the eShop, it comes priced at £24.99, which is quite reasonable considering they’re some of the best games you could find on the ... Read More »

EA remaining quiet on a much needed FIFA 15 patch


Disappointing, but not surprising, despite being out for over a week now EA are still remaining quiet on a much needed FIFA 15 patch. In our review we said, “a pretty decent football game that unfortunately has more bugs than Starship Troopers.” The most serious of which meant some people suffered game breaking lag (even when offline), which could only be fixed ... Read More »

The Great Ace Attorney – New trailer of the Phoenix Wright prequel

Great Ace Attorney

Capcom have shown the first gameplay footage of Phoenix Wright prequel, The Great Ace Attorney. It’s completely in Japanese, so unless you speak there’s very little information that can be gleamed from the trailer. But it’s an Ace Attorney game so there’s a high chance it’ll be pretty damn good. What we already know is it’ll be set in the early ... Read More »

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