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Looking Back: Mega Man X2


With the first Mega Man X Capcom took the formula and re-invented it, creating one of the best in the series. Then just a year later we got X2. It may not be the reinvention X was, but it certainly manages to stand alongside it proudly, even if it does have a few issues that cause it to fall a ... Read More »

MovieStyle: Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia movie

You can always tell when a movie has had a lot of faith put into it, whether it is the budget, director or producer. In the case of Prince Persia it came with all three. A Jerry Bruckheimer produced blockbuster that was supposed to be the next Pirates of the Caribbean. This didn’t go according to plan and it failed ... Read More »

PlusCast June 2014


The PlusCast is a monthly podcast by rllmuk members talking about the Instant Games Collection provided by Sony as part of their PSPlus subscription service. Every month, rllmuk members talk about the games that have been available that month and the games available next month on the service. Listen in to hear about the games that you have been playing ... Read More »

The Gamestyle Archive

Gamestyle Archive

Long time readers may already know the story, but Gamestyle has been the victim of two hacking incidents. Both times causing a lot of content to go up in smoke. The fact that we were originally a Dreamcast only site should tell you how long we’ve been going, and how much content would’ve been lost. The hacking took a lot ... Read More »

Games are Games


Something has been bothering me of late and it has a lot to do with games that have just been released and those that are coming soon to various consoles. The games themselves are fine, but the reactions to those games get under my skin somewhat. There seems to a fairly decent sized group who have decided that the word ... Read More »

MovieStyle: Doom

doom movie

Video game adaptations usually fall into two categories, either the so bad they’re good, or so bad they’re just unwatchable. The first game I did for this feature (Wing Commander) certainly fell into the latter. Doom though is stuck somewhere between. The first time I watch it I found it dumb, stupid and yet watchable, but on future viewings (yes, ... Read More »

How Games Saved My Life


I generally won’t speak out about the perceived view of videogames in the media and with the wider world. Part of that is a confidence issue, part of that is that it becomes tiring having to justify why you love something like this. Often if I mention games, or that I am a game’s critic, I get people look at ... Read More »

PlusCast May 2014


After some issues with the April podcast, Barry and Bradley are back for the May edition of the PlusCast. We look at the April releases on PS+, have a few discussions on Free 2 Play, a potential future for sports games using PS+ and more. Before looking forward to May’s releases. Leaving PS Plus: 30th April: Mercenary Kings 30th April: Pro Evolution ... Read More »

MovieStyle: Wing Commander

wing commander

For £5.99 Netflix is an utter delight filled with countless hours of great movies and TV shows, but lurking underneath, there’s a dark hole. For every wonderful piece of entertainment, there’s a Hellraiser VII just around the corner. And I’ve found myself watching an awful lot of rubbish, purely because it’s there, one click away. If you look at my ... Read More »

Looking Back: Mega Man X


It’s weird that a console featuring the likes of Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country amongst others, the one platformer that took over my life the most was Mega Man X. Since it came out way back in 93, I’ve bought the SNES original twice, followed by the Wii and Wii U Virtual Console versions and finally the PSP ... Read More »

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