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Looking Back: Mega Man X


It’s weird that a console featuring the likes of Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country amongst others, the one platformer that took over my life the most was Mega Man X. Since it came out way back in 93, I’ve bought the SNES original twice, followed by the Wii and Wii U Virtual Console versions and finally the PSP ... Read More »

Plus Cast Episode 2


Recently I joined Barry from RLLMUK to take part in a new podcast focusing on Playstation Plus. Where we discuss the each month’s offerings and look ahead to what is coming up. As well as the benefits and effects of the service. There was an issue with episode 1, which will be forever lost, but episode 2 was a success. ... Read More »

How Sony Have The Complete Package


So, the PS4 has been released and the new generation is upon us. However, it isn’t just with their new console that Sony have got things right. They still have two members of the family that have plenty to offer. When Sony introduced PS+ there was initially a bit of cynicism, it was just a way to get people to ... Read More »

Adam’s Best of 2013

2013 Best Of

As 2013 draws to a close I’ve decided to look back on what my favourite games of the past twelve months were. It’s been an absolutely fantastic year for gaming, with a whole heap of great games across all platforms. There are a ton of games that I would’ve loved to put on the list (Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite being two of ... Read More »

Why the Wii U is my Christmas console of choice


It’s early December and the Xbox One and PS4 are selling in their droves with no doubt many people expecting one of these consoles sitting under the tree come Christmas Day. Not me. Despite having a PS4 pre-order up until a month before release, this was cancelled around the same time as the Watch_Dogs delay, simply because I had a ... Read More »

Local Edinburgh Film Company DeepFried35 prepares to release Halloween Zomedy


Edinburgh, Scotland- October 29th 2013- New local ‘Zomedy’ from film producers DeepFried35 aims to propel Scotland into the online film scene. Local Edinburgh film company ‘DeepFried35’ are launching their debut film in time for Halloween. The ‘zomedy’ based on the video game ZombiU for the WiiU, ‘The Real ZombieU’ is due to be released on 31st October 2013 and will ... Read More »

Persona 4: The Animation

Persona 4 The Animation

For the past couple of years I’ve become obsessed with the Persona series. And oddly it didn’t start because of any of the games themselves. It started with a little video series called the “Endurance Run”. A video series produced by Giantbomb where two guys (Jeff and Vinny) played through the entirety of Persona 4, the series ending after 100 ... Read More »

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