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UPDATE #2 – Sony leave Pockets Out of Pocket!


It recently came to Gamestyle’s attention that once again a PSN user has been hacked and had stuff purchased against their account.  This should be a simple case of reporting it, getting the content bought revoked and finally refunded the funds stolen, right? Well not if you are a Playstation User. UPDATE #2 Pockets has had some further correspondense from ... Read More »

MovieStyle: Alone in the Dark

Alone In The Dark

This is the fourth in the MovieStyle series, but it’s the first where I genuinely started to question what I was doing with my life. So you can probably guess what I thought about Uwe Boll’s second attempt at a game adaptation. Normally I’d start by explaining the plot, but quite honestly I have no idea what was going on ... Read More »

It hasn’t Always Been Cool to own a Console.


It was 1989, I was 12 years old and to be quite honest, I was quite unique among my peers, not in a bad way I must add, but there was something about me that made me stand out, and that thing was….. I  was a proud owner of a Sega Master System. Back in the late 1980’s owning any ... Read More »

Persona Q – A Gamestyle Giveaway!


Never mind Black Friday, the 28th of November 2014 was excellent for one reason: The European release of Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. This latest adventure is the first entry in the Persona series on the 3DS, and sees the cast of both Persona 3 and Persona 4 join forces against a mystery antagonist. Unexpected events lead both teams ... Read More »

What has happened to all the sports games?


Whatever has happened to all of the sport games? I am sure I am not the only person who remembers video games such as Actua Soccer, NFL Quarterback Club, NBA Inside Drive, Links Golf, the NHL2K and NFL2K series of games and Adidas Power Soccer.  It seemed back in the era of the Playstation and Nintendo 64, a month barely ... Read More »

Early Access – Delays Delays Delays


Another weekly web show from Gamestyle. We launch our new show Early Access, which is very much in its early access stage. This week we talk about delays, the horrible delays that are rife in the industry right now. Especially on PSN. It’s not the smoothest presentation, but hey it is early access and that is our excuse. Enjoy!   Read More »

Gamestyle Live – 19th November 2014


Another week another episode of Gamestyle live. Bradley and Steve are joined by Jonny and even though we promise not to deviate… We do within the first minute. Because that is just how we roll. But we do talk about some game related things. We also wholeheartedly apologise for Bradley’s partner randomly swearing at Peggle throughout the episode. If you ... Read More »

Retrospective: Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country

In recent times there’s been somewhat of a backlash towards the original Donkey Kong Country. Okay, it was never Super Mario World levels of brilliance, but it was still highly regarded at the time of release. These days though it’s often looked down on as being “of its time” and those who like it are said to still be looking ... Read More »

Gamestyle Live – 12th November 2014


ABC Easy as 123 Or simple as Do re mi ABC, 123, baby, you and me girl!  We have made to to episode 3 and there are people watching still, so thank you for that. In this episode Steve and Bradley have a chat about stuff and things… All kicking off with console talk, but no fanboyism here. If you ... Read More »

Interview – Mike Daw (Don’t Die, Mr Robot!)


We recently reviewed the excellent Don’t Die, Mr Robot! A game that wasn’t on our radar initially until we got to play it. We then fell in love.   So, when the opportunity came up to have a chat with one of the games co-creators Mike Daw, we jumped at the chance. So below is our interview. You can check out ... Read More »

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