The Last Of Us Review

The Last Of Us is a Sony exclusive from Naughty Dog, makers of Jak & Daxter and Uncharted. It may also be the most important game of the next generation, despite being the swansong from this generation.

BlazeRush Review

Believe it or not, there are still games coming out for the PS3, games that aren’t either on the PS4, nor the Vita. Games like BlazeRush, which in itself is a throwback to a genre that has seemingly been forgotten over the years. You see BlazeRush is survival, battle racing game. One that takes many …

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 – A House Divided Review

WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS EPISODE 1 SPOILERS The first episode showed that Clementine was no longer the young, innocent girl that you had to protect whatever the cost. In the intervening years she had become a capable character in this post-apocalyptic nightmare, A House Divided further cements this fact. Episode 1 was just an appetiser, …

The HD Adventures of Rotating Octopus Review

Like Velocity, Rotating Octopus character has made the leap from being a Playstation Mini to a fully native Vita title. It’s a pretty straightforward conversion with very little changing apart from the look of the game. But for those that haven’t experience Dakko Dakko’s endearing character before there is much here to enjoy.

Just Dance 4 review

The Just Dance series stands alone as the go to part dance game across all consoles, making use of the various aspects of each console. Kinect on the 360, Move on the Playstation and the Wii remote on the Wii. The forth (main) entry in the series hopes to bring a load of new features, but is it worth the upgrade?

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode Three – Catch A Ride Review

Seriously, three months is a long time in episodic releases, with the first episode being released December last year, going by their current release schedule it means the final episode won’t be out till December. Five, two to three hour episodes spread across an entire year is a little crazy. But then you look at …

Dying Light Review

Despite playing 20 hours of Dead Island, I still found it a pretty miserable experience. As such, I didn’t bother with Dead Island Riptide and Dying Light only passed over my radar in the most cursory way, looking like Dead Island feasting on Mirror’s Edge. Close to release date though, something curious happened. Warner had …

Rayman Legends Review

Rayman is back, which can mean one of two things. Either another spin off with annoying Rabbid type things. Or some more platforming greatness. Luckily it is the latter of the two. Rayman Legends hopes to be everything Origins was and more.  When Gamestyle finished Rayman Origins, we were left wanting more it was an …

Saints Row IV Review

The Saints are back and are throwing any little bit of sense right out of the window. Volition have taken the Saints brand far beyond anything that seemed reasonable, but is it for the best? Yes! Saints Row IV is the game that you first imagined when you were introduced to the concept of open …

Megadimension Neptunia VII review

It may seem like there has been an onslaught of Neptunia games recently and whilst this is true, most of them have been remakes of the original PS3 games which have in turn come to PS Vita and Steam, there actually hasn’t been a main release in the series since 2013.