Monthly Archives: December 2012

escapeVektor Review


Some games feel like they have been designed from the ground up to be the perfect fit for a system. This is the case with escapeVekor and the PS Vita. Read More »

Surge Review

surge ps mobile

Our love for Velocity is well documented but since then The Brighton based studio has been developing a number of Playstation Mobile games, the latest of which is ‘SURGE’ Read More »

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Review


Sony's under performing handheld has been in much need of a boost. So what better way to give it that boost, than the biggest gaming franchise on the planet today. Hopes are that Nihilistic could produce a port that would bring gamers flooding to the console and kick start something special. Read More »

LEGO Lord Of The Rings review


LEGO games have become quite the staple in this current generation, bringing together long time gamers and the often maligned casual gamers in a way other games haven't been able to do. Simply because they are instantly accessible, but without being too dumbed down. They appeal to nearly everyone. Read More »

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