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Far Cry 3 review

Far Cry 3

If there is one thing the Far Cry series has given gamers over the years, it is stunning locations beautifully realised by the CryEngine, then in Far Cry 2 on the Dunia engine. Yet it wasn't just the visuals and locations that stood out, Far Cry tried to do things a little differently. Read More »

Hitman Absolution review


The Hitman series is held in very high regard by fans. Blood Money is seen as the pinicle of the series. It is six years since the release of Blood Money and fans have been desperate for a fresh dose of their favourite hired hitman, Agent 47. Since then, there has been a film based on the game, but that was awful, so when a new title was announced the hype machine was in full flow, IO Interactive, on new hardware, it was hard not to get excited. Read More »

Same old Gamestyle, fresh start.

Gamestyle Screenshot circa March 2012

We don't write about video games for money. Gamestyle is non-profit and stands as an ad-free alternative to the convoluted gaming journalism industry that exists today; a source for an impartial voice in the video game community, written by aspiring writers. It's a shame that someone would want to try to destroy our efforts. Read More »

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 review

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 screenshot (Xbox 360)

Another year, another Call Of Duty. It seems that the Call Of Duty games are as much of a yearly franchise as all the major sports titles. Gamers can almost pinpoint a release window for the next title, from the moment the previous has been released. So it is no surprise then that Call Of Duty: Black Ops II has found its way to a November release. Read More »

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